Code Generation for Business Apps

Intelligent visual designer to build UI, data layer and workflows of your application. Outputs elegant source code written using React and NodeJS

Metacode Scaffolding

Simplify Your Application Development

We automate a lot of repetitive tasks, so you get to focus on the things that matter

Code in Frameworks

Code in Frameworks you Know and Love

Metacode generates code in the frameworks you already know and love, using the architecture you are familiar with. This means you could just jump in, design and generate an app and understand it's source code without any learning.

You own the Code

No Lock-in. You own the Code

We don't have any custom frameworks, languages or tools. Everything generated using Metacode uses vanilla React+NodeJS stack. Since you also own the code we generate, you are free to do with it what you choose. No restrictions.

Code in Frameworks

Build Small Applications for Free

When you have small applications to build that normally takes a few weeks but can be designed in Metacode for less than 48 hours, we won't charge you a dime. It's all covered under our free plan. Build unlimited such apps too.

Code in Frameworks

Open-source Components

One of the best things about Metacode is makes use of open source React components to build user interface. So any React component you find online can be integrated into Metacode easily. You can read more about it here.

Workflow Coming Soon

Visualize your Business Logic with Workflow.COMING SOON

We are improving our designer to allow more complex business rules to be added using workflow editor. You would be able to define a workflow for each component.